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I Specialize in rousing professional adults to identify, stride upon and remain on a path they instinctively recognize as the one they are intended to be on.

I am aware of how easy it is for dreams to get lost or forgotten in the noise.

My comprehensive experience in behavioral subtleties enables me to soften that noise and to grasp the nature of the barriers, disruptors, roadblocks, provide inspiration, guidance and a collaborative working relationship. Typically this will lead towards a determination to rekindle the energy and drive to expand the potential for living a life that is passionately attuned to the beat of their own drum.


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Frequently we race through life immersed in thoughts of something we need to do tomorrow, next week or next month and miss the opportunities that are present in the moment.

We find that we are not achieving the goals we set each week; not completing the tasks we know that are our top priority; and just generally feeling less than totally connected to our lives and our families.

What we lack is thinking and acting intentionally.

Hi, I’m Jim Sobosan, Productivity Coach.

  • Over the past thirty-five years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many very talented  professionals, who have  not achieved their full potential or lived the life that is true to their nature  because they need extra insights and tools to set a process of thinking and acting intentionally. Well that’s my speciality and I have been helping many professional adults identify a path forward and develop the tools necessary to confidently build a path towards those professional and life goals. If you aren’t as excited about where your life has landed I encourage you to contact me today to learn how you might find a more successful and satisfying path forward.