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About Jim


As a licensed social worker with over thirty years of counseling in the mental health and child welfare arenas, as well as executive and ADD coaching experience, I have developed a firm belief that our success in life is based more on what we do today than what we did not do yesterday.

I use this conviction as a guidepost in my counseling and coaching efforts. I am inevitably focused on helping the folks I serve to take action and embrace the behaviors and thoughts that will offer the opportunity to feel more confident and competent in the way they live, work, laugh and play.

The substantial years that I have worked in the counseling and coaching fields have afforded me an opportunity to learn and apply a wide range of treatment techniques, which is critical as there is no one size fits all problem or solution. Coaching is a natural outgrowth of my extensive experience as a therapist.

Life’s challenges can leave many of us feeling hopeless and powerless at times but that does not have to mandate a lifetime of struggling and disappointment.

The journey towards growth and change can feel daunting and yet exhilirating. A successful outcome requires commitment and trust.

Some of the key objectives that drive my coaching and counseling efforts include:

  • Build on individual strengths.
  • Develop Beliefs and Behaviors that breed self-confidence and success.
  • Enhance life skills and strategic coping strategies.
  • Increase the ability to be consistent with focus, planning, and organizing, effective communication stategizing and timely project completion.
  • Create intentional and mindful habits.
  • Take ownership of potential to succeed.
  • Humor, play and laughter matter.
  • Manage difficult emotions and daily life challenges confidently.
  • Minimize achievement disruptors.

My coaching clients include Fortune 100 managers and directors, executives in the world of academia, marketing executives, entrepreneurs, attorneys, physicians, clergy, authors and financial advisors. Professionals demonstrating, traits typical of attention deficit disorder (difficulty with time management, organization, prioritization, procrastination, impulsivity, follow through and meeting deadlines etc.), and difficulties in the areas of communication and interpersonal skills are a specialty area of mine.

I have had the good fortune of publishing several articles on Mindfulness.