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ADD Coaching

“I think for many adults with ADHD, therapy is essential”.

David W. Goodman MD, assistant professor of psychiatry
at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

While ADHD medicines are effective, they may not be enough.

To use a phrase popular among ADHD specialists, “pills don’t build skills”.

Even with medication, a person may still be struggling with the residual effects of adult ADHD – the disorganized habits, the low self-esteem.

Therapy can address some of these key issues.

“With the ADHD medication as a foundation, it’s the psychosocial treatments that can come in and finish the job”.

J. Russell Ramsay, PhD,
co-director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program.

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Who I Can Help

ADD presents varying degrees of deficits with concentration, memory, and regulating action.

The result is often a set of day-to-day challenges that block one’s ability to build the life they want – problem areas that block progress.

ADD often leads to self-doubt, frustration, an acceptance of underachievement and low expectations. Success emanates from taking action and taking charge.

Which challenges do you face?

  • Are you tired of the struggle to keep up, to sustain productive routines, to achieve desired goals, to feel good about who you are and how you live?
  • Do you wonder why you have such a difficult time with tasks that seem so easy for others?
  • Are you creative, energetic, able to race at breakneck speed towards many goals all at the same time, but never quite able to achieve any of them?
  • Do you tend to see yourself (and most everything you do) in a negative light?
  • Are you someone who waits until the very last minute to begin a critical project and endure worry and anxiety for days before you begin?
  • Is underachievement a constant companion of yours?
  • Have your efforts left a trail of failed endeavors and do you fear this pattern will never end?

Do you wish you could?

  • Improve your ability to focus and stay focused.
  • Develop habits and routines that you actually benefit from.
  • Organize, Plan and Prioritize proficiently.
  • Worry less.
  • Be more proactive.
  • Communicate more effectively.
  • Start and finish projects on time.
  • Have better control over impulsive thoughts and actions that lead to disappointing or at times painful outcomes.

How I Help

Expert ADD coaching requires skills and methods specific to the unique challenges and opportunities ADD presents.

I center my ADD coaching around my understanding of the impact ADD has on an individual and their ability to thrive in a non-ADD society.

I move professional adults and college students towards mindful and intentional behavior that leads to outcomes you can feel proud of.

It is possible but it isn’t easy!

Coaching Fees

Coaching services are purchased on a month-to-month basis. The monthly fee is determined by the session time I provide.

A monthly program includes both phone time and email time.

Face to Face coaching sessions can be scheduled if requested and amenable to travel and scheduling requirements.

For example, calls can vary from 30 to 60 minutes. Frequency of calls can vary from 3 to 6 per month.

The standard fee is $100. per hour.

A monthly rate is available and dependent on the agreed upon number and format of sessions the coach provides. Weekly email and texting support is always provided.

Coaching fees are paid monthly prior to service, and coaches offer several payment methods: Visa, Master Card, Pay Pal, personal check.

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