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By Jim Sobosan

So how did I get here?

By luck? By accident? By trusting in the good intentions of others?

If you believed you were going to be an astronaut and ended up working as a Hat Check Girl in a Chinese Deli, chances are you never designed and followed an action plan that was based on your skills, your values and your dreams.

Mindless focus and behavior often places us at the mercy of luck, accidents and the good or bad intentions of others.

If you are sincere in your desire to create new opportunities, take a moment to identify a personal or professional objective. Then lay out the steps it would take to reach that goal. Commit to taking the initial step towards that goal and set a completion deadline. Share this deadline with someone you trust. Periodically share your progress towards this step with that person to assure accountability and sustained effort.

Repeat over and over until the process becomes a daily occurrence and say hello astronaut school!