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Corporate Coaching

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Who I Can Help

I have extensive experience guiding business  professionals towards the elimination of peak performance obstacles while focusing on the development of significantly more productive actions and achievements that culminate in enhanced levels of personal satisfaction.

Very often a senior executive requires an energy infusion or seeks useful, instructive insights about balancing home and business life. Sometimes an entire work group needs immediate attention.

Or, I may counsel a veteran line manager, or a key staff professional or a star sales performer who has hit a wall or is striving for that next level.

Six-Week Professional Counseling Package

There are numerous potential roadblocks and pitfalls that can inhibit or destroy success in the corporate environment.

My extensive experience coaching and counseling corporate executives, managers and, sales staff have convinced me that with commitment and effort, significant improvement can be achieved in areas that are critical to success, such as:

• Communication that achieves a buy in and moves the process forward.
• Interpersonal dynamics that stimulates participation and cooperation.
• Leadership that inspires and motivates effort towards desired outcomes.
• Prioritizing goals and tasks.
• Decision-making that is timely and effective.
• Stress Management that creates energy and enthusiasm.
• Meeting Deadlines.
• Time Management
• Team Building
• Maintaining Accountability

Coaching Focus

My six-week package focuses on developing and increasing personal and professional skills that are critical to successful problem solving, planning, goal setting-follow through, effective communication and self-awareness.

When developed and applied these enhanced skill sets typically improve performance and reduce roadblocks, yielding productive outcomes that are desired and valued.

How We Begin

I begin with a 90-minute goal setting and evaluation meeting. During this time together we will identify and discuss: desired outcomes, areas of concern, performance difficulties, professional and personal interests and ambitions, strengths, prior efforts to improve performance and outcomes. An initial goal will be identified and set at the end of this meeting.

Your Individual Plan

An individual plan, based upon personal needs, goals and style will be developed.

Five subsequent meetings will be held in person or via the telephone depending upon the individual preference and time constraints.
These meetings will focus on skill building, problem solving, planning, follow through and accountability.

A six week package is often a sufficient amount of time to reach identified goals, but additional time may also be required or desired as: effort, available working time, significance of desired outcomes individual needs and road blocks may necessitate additional meetings

Areas of focus and improvement will vary as the process is individualized to personal needs and goals.

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