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I was relaxing on our front lawn the other day when I spied the presence of two converging four legged critters. They approached each other from opposite ends of the block and immediately went into their investigative routine. You know, the cautious approach to assure safety and acceptance, sniffing front to back and then the inevitable wagging of tails, first gradually and then the enthusiastic and energetic fanning. And finally, their realization, heh, we’re in the same club, cool. We’re four legged, furry and at times drooling, brothers and sisters from another mother. One was large in stature with thick gray and brown hair while the other was small, one might say dainty with wiry golden hair. Oh, how they enjoyed each other’s company! They took turns chasing each other as they barked, nipped and leaped into the air. Their play went on until both were finally exhausted, huffing and puffing while lying on the ground nose to nose. It was a sweet aw-shucks moment that brought out a big ol grin. 

After the pups regained their energy and continued on with their humans, I began to play through what had just transpired. I just witnessed two dogs that were completely different in stature, coloring and quite likely temperament and perhaps age, randomly meet up during their outing with their humans and thoroughly enjoy and embrace their time with one another. Neither asked where the other lived, the car they drove, if either was married, the church they attended, whether they liked Purina dog chow or Kibbles and Bits best. They didn’t even check to see what doggie day care either went to or if either had actually graduated from one. No questions about favorite hobbies, (chasing cars, bone burying, night howling) or which frisbee catching team they rooted for. Nope, none of those things mattered one bit, only that they were both in the same large and diverse club, you know, the Canines. They shared a common heritage no matter how many eons and adaptations had transpired. That was enough to draw them together and allow them to embrace and enjoy their time with one another.

And then I began to ponder we humans. More and more we approach each other cautiously, unsure of our safety or the potential reward for uttering a friendly hello. We don’t have the same affection for sniffing or a fluffy tail to wag to demonstrate our warm or playful intent. We do however have big smiles to present, a friendly handshake or a gentle hand on the shoulder to help us connect in a safe and friendly manner.

But sadly, unlike our furry pets we are not so quick to connect with and accept or play with one another, especially if we perceive distinct differences.

Nay, nay with humans there are stricter guidelines. For us, where we live, the kind of car we drive, where we go to church, what news stations we watch and adhere to, what clubs we belong to, if we prefer Purina or Kibbles and Bits does matter. We eliminate so many opportunities to run, jump, nip, huff and puff, smile and laugh with the people approaching from the opposite end of the block just because they might be large in stature or dainty with different color hair. And now we excel at creating even more divides and acceptance requirements. It doesn’t seem to matter that we are all in the same club, you know the Humans.

So Sad!

I’m just saying