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By Jim Sobosan

Fire-Ready-Aim is a term often used to describe behavior that is impulsive and frequently renders unwanted outcomes. Reacting hastily without considering potential consequences, difficulty stopping or altering a destructive action once it has been put into motion, blurting out thoughts without forethought about the possible outcome are some examples of impulsive behavior. Impulsive, unfocused behavior complicates our lives and frequently leads to conflict and/or harmful consequences at the professional and personal level.

Impulsivity is something many of us struggle with at times, some more than others.

If you find yourself wishing you could be more proactive and less reactive in your thoughts and deeds I would encourage you to practice a simple exercise.

Try asking yourself these four questions before taking any action.

  1. What am I doing?
  2. Why am I doing it?
  3.  What outcome do I want?
  4. What outcome should I expect? 

Write these questions down and keep them with you. Practice referring to the page until they become automatic thoughts.

Mastering this technique will go a long way toward harnessing impulsive behavior. Ready-Aim-Fire!