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What if, you decided to take one small step towards a desired goal rather than just thinking about it or waiting for divine intervention today? Would you be thinking differently about yourself? Would you like to think differently about yourself?

I think they call that grabbing the bull by the horns, although that seems quite dangerous with high potential for a painful experience.

I would suggest a path that is painless and with a much higher reward ceiling.
You know what they say; inertia begets inertia. Actually I have never heard anyone use that phrase but the words ring true. If you sit still long enough there will only be more sitting to follow.

One small step, what might that be you ask? It could be something as simple as:
• Putting down your I Pad, Smart Phone etc. and telling someone what your goal is and why it is important to you.
• Sitting down and charting the steps you would need to take.
• Making that first phone call to get the ball rolling.
• Identifying the thoughts that have held you back and asking someone to give you a hand getting started.
• Researching the information you need to put your plan into action.
• Asking your professor for help when you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed by your assignment.
• Identifying the resources that can bring your goal to fruition.
• Getting off the couch, turning the television off and asking for help is always a great beginning.

I am always suspicious when someone tells me they intend to quit smoking next Monday and it is Tuesday. While I believe they are well intended, I know they are negotiating internally and chances are very high that come Monday they will still be puffing away.

It is always easier to put off challenges for another day, but we all know that this is seldom helpful or rewarding, and all too often tomorrow never arrives on time.

Activity breeds more activity and in turn confidence. You can’t complete something until you begin something.

Don’t set a start date; do it today!