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Life can be a struggle for most of us at some point or at many points in our lives.

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These struggles can limit our ability to manage our emotions and behaviors making even the simplest daily tasks unmanageable or unbearable.

Relationship worries, stress, personal conflicts, job demands, financial struggles and family disruptions, can increase our worry, fears and even lead to depression, anxiety or physical maladies.

I believe the quality of the therapeutic relationship is critical, valuable and beneficial as it provides support and stability, but it is not just the compassionate relating, talking and processing that typically leads to relief, growth and meaningful change, nay, we must learn and activate new coping skills/strategies and take action that is intentional and strategic.

Who I Can Help

I invite you to look over the following challenges you may be facing to help you focus on the one, two or three most prominent symptoms you feel you are facing.

Are You:
• Struggling to cope with your emotions?
• Overwhelmed by stress?
• Experiencing family conflict?
• Unhappy with the direction and/or quality of your life?
• Feeling sad, confused or worried too often?
• Prone to habits and behaviors that lead to unpleasant and unwanted consequences?

Would You Like To:
• Take charge of your day with energy and enthusiasm?
• Enjoy the relationships that are most important to you?
• Resolve painful experiences and memories?
• Appreciate who you are and what you do?
• Confidently manage and reduce the stressful events in your life?
• Resolve conflicts and habits that are holding you back?
• Create solutions to persistent problems?

How I Help

As a licensed social worker with over thirty years of counseling in the mental health and child welfare arenas, as well as executive and ADD coaching experience, I have developed a firm belief that our success in life is based more on what we do today than what we didn’t do yesterday.

I use this conviction as a guidepost in my counseling and coaching work. I am inevitably focused on helping the folks I serve to take action and embrace the behaviors and thoughts that will offer the opportunity to feel more confident and competent in the way they live, work, laugh and play.

I believe in the importance and value of identifying and understanding the thoughts and emotions that distort our potential and hinder our efforts.  Of equal importance is the ability to develop and implement action plans that include new strategies and skills, which increase our ability to manage those thoughts and emotions in a way that ensures our efforts to reach our desired goals and outcomes.


Counseling Fees

My Customary Fee is $85. per session.

  • Counseling services are provided on a one hour basis.
  • Sessions may be held once a week or bi-weekly depending upon need.
  • Payment for service is expected at time of service.

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