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There are a many well-known stories of extremely successful individuals who are, intensely driven, other worldly regimented, creative and bright, brighter, brightest. They spy their prize and relentlessly plot out their pursuit until their Holy Grail is secured. Some names that may strike a chord are Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, John Dutton (for all you Yellowstone fans) and Steve Jobs.

These examples of high achievers and many like them do not necessarily represent the norm. There are countless numbers of us who are creative, bright, gifted and motivated towards achievement, but may not possess the natural tendency or self-awareness to be as planful, as regimented, or as persistent.

While many of us have a dream or a passion, the creative urge, the smarts, motivation to succeed, a story to tell, a mountain to climb, there may be circumstances, natural tendencies or self-doubts that derail our confidence and efforts. What these high achievers have learned is that, most desired outcomes are determined by how well we are able to plan and then turn that plan into intentional actions.

Many of us have goals and dreams worth realizing. Perhaps creating the next great business, becoming a famous chef, managing the only Rhinoceros petting zoo in Paris, creating the next blockbuster App, or designing a jacket zipper that never gets stuck (I wish someone would!), but for many of us our goals and ambitions get lost in thought or stuck in self-doubt.  You might have the energy, a great idea, vision or goal, but you may not be ready to invest in yourself, to trust yourself or to fully commit to a workable plan.

Consider what we think as the lead-in to what we do. Thought, plan, action, success!

There are questions to be asked and answered to attain clarity, direction and confidence.

What are the values and rewards of my goal? What will it take to achieve it? How much am I ready to commit?  What resources will I need and do I have them and where do I get them if I don’t? What level of discomfort am I willing to experience if any? What changes will be required and is the reward equal to or greater than the effort? Can I do this on my own or do I need help/support. What are my behavior patterns that might get in my way or derail me? What are my strengths and how will I use them to my advantage? What are my blind spots? Am I ready to meet the challenge with action?

Ideas/goals without purposeful planning and sustained intentional action render little personal reward. High achievers have learned this, believe this, live this. You should too!

I partner with professional adults, together we highlight focused and intentional effort towards the changes and objectives that matter most to them.

All questions are valued as is the opportunity to schedule a time to chat if you are interested in learning more or know of someone who might be.

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