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I’m not sure of the exact day that my invisibility set in, but I am sure it wasn’t yesterday.

Was it when the masses became buried in their gadgets? You know mobile phones, mobile apps, tablets etc.? Was it the YouTube, Tic Toc craze that spawned the drive for mass recognition and glorification and if all goes well, huge monetary rewards? All are possible and likely.

Looking someone in the eye and Saying Good Afternoon, Nice to See You, Have a Nice Day or Please and Thank You to a stranger is over in a wink of an eye. But the beneficial impact on that stranger may last for a few minutes or even hours. That gentle acknowledgment is often also passed on to the next stranger, coworker, and family member or loved one.  Before you know it we have a posse of folks feeling a little more connected to their universe, perhaps feeling a little less lost or alone, hopefully feeling less inclined to judge harshly those of us who are struggling to cope or even survive painful or stressful life experiences. On the ideal planet we would have all the awareness, sensitivity and investment needed for this daily experience we call life to be more about what we can create, enrich, construct and endure together and less about ego, dominance, power and self-serving actions.

We will have to start somewhere. I will take the lead and just say Thank You for taking the time to read my short doodling and for being someone worth knowing.